Reporting on the 2020 election

Nicole Sganga ’15

Campaign Reporter, CBS News


Sganga makes a difference as a journalist, covering the 2020 U.S. presidential campaign as a reporter for CBS News.

Sganga worked as a broadcast associate and as a video journalist before her promotion to her current role, a rare and distinct honor, especially for a young journalist. Her passion for journalism was evident during her time at Notre Dame. In 2014, she won a national competition to accompany the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristoff, a Pulitzer Prize winner, on a reporting trip to raise awareness about poverty in the developing world. Kristoff called her “a terrific journalist-in-the-making,” and she worked hard to listen to powerful personal stories and communicate them in meaningful narratives. As a student journalist, she reported from Myanmar, Thailand, and Norway, as well as Alaska.

Now, as a member of a free press that asks crucial questions, Sganga uses her reporting and storytelling skills to inform voters during an important U.S. election campaign.